Monday, February 27, 2012

And It Was All Yellow

Boracay perhaps has one of the most picturesque sunsets in the Philippines. Despite having been here five times, this is the only occasion where I really had a chance to take sunshiny photos. And yes, I almost got blind even when I'm only using a digital camera (Penny, my Pentax Optio W90).

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Mito's Place, Boracay

It's my 3rd stay in Mito's Place and I haven't really got a chance to promote it. Many thanks to my grade school friend, Cheska, who never failed to give me a discounted rate. =) Until next time...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

There's Always A First Time: Chef Arch's Lime

A friend invited me over to try Chef Arch's Lime last night. It sounded familiar.

That's when I recalled my ex-officemate who happens to be a friend of the co-owners of Chef Arch's Lime. He recommended this place to me back in 2010 since it's near my place. And I didn't know what I was missing for these past two years.

If you're into streetfood (but prepared in a classy way), 90's music, and wouldn't mind dining in an old house without air con, Chef Arch's Lime might just be your perfect neighborhood hangout.

Here's what we've tried so far:

Monday, February 13, 2012

We've Got It All For You: SM City San Pablo

It was only recently when I've realized how true SM's slogan is. Indeed, SM's got it all for you.

As I needed to renew my passport, I had to secure an NSO copy of my birth certificate and my parents' marriage certificate. I was dreading it since that would mean I have to deal with government employees again. I originally thought of getting one in NSO's branch office at the Makati City Hall. The main requesting area queue is relatively short but the long queue awaits you at the cashier. Good thing, my friend saw this SM Business Center in Megamall offering various government-related services such as NSO documents last week. The queue was short. I was able to request and pay for the documents in 15-30 minutes then was told to come back in four days to claim it.

Last Saturday when I went home to our resthouse in Alaminos, Laguna, I was looking forward to see SM in San Pablo City, Laguna. It was a relatively huge mall in a province such as Laguna.

Back Home: Alaminos, Laguna

Last Friday night, I went home in our house (now resthouse) in Alaminos, Laguna to get some of my personal belongings. I just thought that it would be best to check on it before the house gets sold or my sister eventually decides to buy the house once she gets married.

I was excited to see the house since I haven't visited it for two years now. Amazed by our landscape of huge palm trees and these two giant pine trees, I couldn't wait to see the rest our garden the following morning.

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