Monday, February 13, 2012

Back Home: Alaminos, Laguna

Last Friday night, I went home in our house (now resthouse) in Alaminos, Laguna to get some of my personal belongings. I just thought that it would be best to check on it before the house gets sold or my sister eventually decides to buy the house once she gets married.

I was excited to see the house since I haven't visited it for two years now. Amazed by our landscape of huge palm trees and these two giant pine trees, I couldn't wait to see the rest our garden the following morning.

Though I slept around 4 in the morning, I was awakened by chirping birds at 7am. It was unusual since back then, I'm usually awakened by the bright morning sun which rises at the side of my room. But, this huge pine tree perfectly shadowed my room without blocking my view.

front view
at the balcony, right side
left side
roof deck beside my room
I've gone nostalgic as I roam the rest of the house. It has been my sanctuary during the latter years of my college life and soon left when I started working in Manila.

It was our dream house and yet I only lived on it for about less than 2 years. And now after almost 10 years, my mom has finally decided to sell it. It's a huge house to maintain, not to mention the taxes we have to pay every year. It's sad but sometimes you just really have to be practical.

Before I started rummaging on my personal belongings, I went out on to the garden to take some photos.

Euphorbia (aka Crown of Thorns)
been practicing waterdrops macro photography using Penny, my Pentax Optio W90
this is relatively small, about 1-2 inches compared to the usual spiders around the house... as big as your fist! :-)
San Francisco plant flower buds
had a hard time photographing this crab-like spider at its underside; though it has this horizontal yellow-black stripes on it
finally nailed this sideways shot which I've been trying to photograph with a similar insect I saw in Tagaytay
rotting palm fruit
I had to tip-toe and reach for the leaves to capture this orange lady bug

After breakfast I went out to see the entire village and the clubhouse. There were still few houses and even fewer residents on it. The clubhouse has extremely deteriorated and the chapel is now infested with termites.

Too bad... I do hope the village owner has plans of someday renovating and from then on consistently maintaining the entire place. I'd probably come back in that case. :-(

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