Monday, February 6, 2012

Iconic Lolas in Philippine TV and Film

this photo from photo4asian reminded me of Vice Ganda
Last Friday night, my friends and I watched and made fun of Jolina Magdangal's (now Mrs. Mark Escueta of Rivermaya) wedding video created by Bob Nicolas. Aside from entertainingly annoyingly watching Jolina in her Tinkerbell-inspired wing, and cringing with her cheesy wedding vow, we started naming the invited celebrities we saw on the wedding onsite video.
Of course, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo was there, even Gibo (Gilbert Teodoro, Jr.), Mel Tiangco, and among other not-so-famous and long-forgotten celebrities. Then we saw this veteran actress from Mara Clara (playing Clara's mom) whom I've recently seen at Banchetto-Pioneer. I couldn't recall her name but one of my friends said her name is Vivian Foz. I said no, because Vivian Foz is mestiza.

Vivian Foz in sepia

photo from
So we researched about the Mara Clara cast and there it is, her name is Beverly Vergel. And that's where the discussion about iconic lolas in Philippine TV and film started. Not that Beverly is a lola but there were just so many lolas in soap operas. Since there's just the three of us, we all gave our bets of the not-so-long-forgotten actresses portraying grandma roles.

First in our list is the lola in the famous TV soap Anna Luna.

Second is Anita Linda.

And lastly my contribution, though I had a hard time recalling her name, is the famous lola in horror films -- in fact, I'm more scared to see her in my dreams than the creepy creatures of Shake Rattle & Roll and Tiyanak -- it's none other than Mary Walter.

photo from

Too bad, there's no decent picture of her in the Internet. She's that old and no one had a chance to scan her most recent picture and upload which online. Sigh....

That's it. Any other lolas in mind?

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