Friday, September 5, 2008

There's Always A First Time: Boracay

I've been to Bohol and Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan but never have been to Boracay. Why? I find it overrated.

And yes, that's what I thought but I did enjoy my three-day stay there with my high school friends. Here's what we did.

We did nothing on our first day but laze around at D'Mall and Aria as it was scorchingly hot to swim.  But as soon as the sun was about to set, we went out for a swim. What makes Boracay picturesque is its sunset. The island was perfectly placed to face this dramatic sunset.

The following day, we went island hopping at Ilig-Iligan Island and had a long walk from Station 2 to 1 towards the famous grotto.
We ended the day with a quick dinner at Jonah's and had drinks at Cocomangas. Jonah's shakes are good -- refreshing and well-blended while Cocomangas Illusion Shaker gives you the right kick.

Since our flight was still in the late afternoon, we agreed to take that adventurous ATV ride up Mt. Luho and enjoy the 360 degree view of the island of Boracay. It was a bumpy ride driving up and down the viewpoint. I thought I'd never get home without getting any bruises or injuries. But nonetheless, it was worth it.

Fairway side

a view of Stations 1-3

So that concludes my first Boracay trip. I'd definitely come back to enjoy the powdery white sand beach and the various restaurants and bars but only during the off peak season. It can really get rowdy in here during the summer and holidays. Until next time...

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