Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love...Love...Love: The Truth About Love

photo from fanpop!
I’ve got nothing to do at home so I grabbed some DVDs from our office DVD library. I wasn’t thinking of anything interesting to watch since I needed something to make me sleep so I chose this Jennifer Love Hewitt film The Truth About Love.

I never liked Jennifer Love Hewitt … even her films … well except for If Only just because the film was simply tragic.

 The movie started very cheesy with a man walking on a (London?) bridge when he noticed a puddle of water with a heart-shaped neon sign reflecting on it. I wasn’t even sure if the man was talking to himself or narrating over the background in German or French. It sounded alien to me at first but it reminded me of Mr. Bean.

Anyway, he repeatedly mentioned L-O-V-E and the movie progressed to a scene celebrating Valentine’s Day.

I was further annoyed when Hewitt started speaking with an English accent. I even thought the film was dubbed by somebody else since her voice sounded different. To top it all, her hair style is so 80’s (short curly-messy hair with straight bangs).

On the brighter side… in fact, the film wasn’t bad at all. It was entertaining. It is the most mature Hewitt film I have ever seen. She played the character very well projecting varying emotions and characters since she played the role of a wife and a mistress. Expect her flaunting her boobs again and again which I think is her only asset. =)

I wouldn’t give that much information though so as not to spoil the story… although the plot of the film is simply obvious. Here's a sneak peek...

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