Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Curious About: Pomegranates

My friend and I did some grocery shopping and she showed me this strangely familiar fruit, the pomegranate. I immediately blurted, "We call it granada in our province in Bicol." And then I asked her, "Do you know how to eat it?". She said no but bought it anyway.

So, how do you eat a pomegranate? Here's what I've found in Google.
  • Cut the crown of the pomegranate (previous flower bud)
  • You may either cut the pomegranate in half or score the rind in several sections
  • When scoring the rind, slightly cut through it and gently peel it off
  • Gently pop out the seeds (relatively similar to corn kernels)
  • Others immerse the pomegranate in cold water while popping out the seeds
So clearly, you don't eat the rind & flesh... just the seeds. =)

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