Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Amazing Race: Bohol (part 1)

It was my second time in Bohol but almost everything felt like the first time... though a lot of things have changed in three years.

I have paid for a Cebu Pacific promo flight to Tagbilaran as early as February but ended up flying to Cebu just to get to Bohol. Unfortunately, my friends and I failed to check-in earlier at the counter. We were ten minutes late and it wasn't boarding yet. Imagine how frustrating that was while we're arguing and semi-begging to Cebu Pacific officers to let us in as we counted the last few minutes of boarding time.

With only budgeted cash in our pockets, the options were limited. Frustrated, in panic and helpless, Ms. Editor thought of flying via Cebu as Cebu Pacific has more Cebu flights at a cheaper rate. Luckily, there were still seats available at a relatively cheap price but still, we don't have extra cash. Think... think... think... we need to get to Bohol today!

I'm not into credit cards but I have one as a supplementary card only. I also don't usually bring it with me for security reasons. Desperate move was to call my bank and ask for my credit card details. Surprisingly, I got the info that I need over the phone and was able to book the late afternoon flight to Cebu!

Upon arriving Cebu, we dropped by Shangri-La Mactan for a while since we all haven't been there. We stayed for an hour while having some cocktails at the Tides. Then, we immediately left for our two-hour ferry ride via Ocean Jet to Tagbilaran.

RJ, our driver/tour guide, welcomed us as we got out of the terminal. He picked us up with his Toyota Vios which cost us Php450 for 4 pax (port to Dumaluan Beach Resort 2).

Tired and hungry, we asked him if he could drop us in a nearby restaurant where we could get some food to-go. He recommended to dine-in instead as it might take us some time to get to the resort due to the bridge construction and town fiesta events.

We arrived at the resort around 10pm. I felt both the exhaustion and comfort at the sight of our room as I almost thought that we wouldn't be able to make it to Bohol on the same day. We started unpacking our bags and went out for a walk and were surprised to see that no one's around at 11pm. I just remembered how different the night life was from that of Boracay. It was somehow a relief.

To be continued...

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