Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Amazing Race: Bohol (part 2)

The next morning, we had our complimentary breakfast by the beach. The food wasn't too fancy but definitely filling. We had longganisa, egg, rice and a slice of watermelon. We took pictures of the resort while waiting for RJ to pick us up for our countryside tour.

First stop was the Blood Compact Site. We just took a couple of pictures and immediately left. RJ gave a few historical accounts of the site while naming the statues.

We then arrived at Baclayon Church and museum. Before entering the church, Luckysparks and Hot Momma were asked to cover their legs with sarong. Accustomed to the Boholano culture, church goers are not allowed to wear revealing clothes.

I'm not really fond of churches and religious artifacts so I wasn't paying that much attention on the historical dates. Anyway, I just hope the church officials or the municipal officers would invest or support the preservation of the museum and the artifacts as the museum needs some renovation and the artifacts require more appropriate display cases. Entrance Fee: Php25

Next stop was to pay Prony the python a visit. I have seen Kuya Kim's Matang Lawin featuring Prony as the biggest python in captive. According to Marimar, our lovely tour guide, Prony is considered to be obese for her age and size. Who wouldn't be obese if your diet is one pig or two goats a month?! I was also surprised to see all sorts of animals housed in a cage together with Prony. There was an eagle, a turtle and a lemur. Luckily, Prony just had her sumptuous meal last Monday so I had the courage to enter her cage. Entrance Fee: Php5

Envy of Prony's diet, it's about time to go to Loboc River where we had our buffet lunch (Php300) while cruising the river. This wasn't new to me although I was looking forward to see it again as the last time I’ve seen it, the river was brown and murky due to the rain.

After lunch, we headed off to the town of Carmen... the land of Chocolate Kisses Hills! It was a long drive from Loboc so I was able to sleep for a while and have recharged for the long and steep walk up the hill. The hills haven't failed to amaze me after seeing it the second time. Entrance Fee: Php30

We then went to the butterfly sanctuary. I wasn't too excited to see it as I've been to a butterfly farm in Subic and was disappointed to see butterflies of few usual species where most of which have damaged wings. As it turned out, Bohol's butterfly sanctuary was one of my favorite spots as the tour has been very educational. Did you know that butterflies have sex for 6-12 hours?! But seriously, it was good to know the difference between butterfly and moth caterpillars. Now I know which sorts are the itchy ones. Other than the butterflies, I enjoyed the sanctuary’s ice cream candy. My Php5 was worth it! It wasn't too sweet as they use honey as sweetener and the texture is so creamy (probably it has carabao’s milk). Entrance Fee: Php20

Another fave spot would be the man-made mahogany forest which according to RJ was one of the shooting locations of the TV fantaserye Panday.

We then headed off to the hanging bridge which I dislike the most not because I'm afraid of heights but it was just too stressful to walk in woven bamboo. One slip and you'll get a bad wound, much worse is falling off the bridge. I wonder if there are crocodiles lurking in it... Entrance Fee: Php5

Last on the list was to visit the cute and cuddly tarsiers. There were too many tourists in the sanctuary so we decided to go to a shop which housed a few tarsiers in captive. I assume there's not much of a difference. Known to be nocturnal animals, it's sad to see the tarsiers trying to open their eyes just to satisfy its audience's delight.

It was a tiring day but we still need to drop by some souvenir shops to buy some pasalubong. I had a hard time finding a cheap, quality and well-designed shirt for my mom... not to mention her color preference. I also bought a few local delicacies such as peanut kisses, pinasugbo and mango balls.

Last stop was Tagbilaran City to buy some groceries, drinks and dinner. Still on our second night, we're having fastfood... pizza, pasta and chicken from Pizza Hut. Hehehe!

To be continued...

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