Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Search For The Best Lechon In Cebu

I've been to Cebu thrice. The first two trips were just in transit to Bohol and the third trip I had just recently was a three-day stay in Mactan.

On my first day, my aim was to try Cebu's famous lechon. Prior to my trip, I already did my research and in most of the reviews I have seen, people claim that CnT Lechon is the best. Excited, I took Moevenpick's free shuttle service and asked the driver to drop me off CnT Lechon near SM Cebu. I didn't have a hard time finding it as it was just across the street of the mall.

Upon seeing CnT Lechon's signage, I was impressed with how big the restaurant is as it has about 2-3 floors with its ground floor as its parking lot. Upstairs were a mob of customers waiting for their numbers to be called and claim their kilos of lechon. I really got excited since there were a lot of customers. This must be it!

I took a number and ordered for a 1/4 kilo of lechon which costs Php90. I was told to wait as the next batch of delivery will arrive at 11am. I figured it was okay since it was just 10:30am, perhaps I can have lunch first.

Other than lechon, CnT offers other food varieties such as:

lechon paksiw


adobong pusit

The viands were okay but quite disappointed with the lechon paksiw as it has no liver sauce. While eating, I eyed other dine-in customers feasting on their lechon. They seem to be enjoying it. I was salivating as I wait for my number to be called.

It was already 12 noon when my number was called. Quite annoyed though excited, I finally have my plate of lechon. I immediately took the skin and pak!!!

Ang kunat! Ang alat! Ironically, the worst lechon I've ever tasted is in Cebu. =(

I've travelled for about 600km and waited for more than an hour just for this!

I went back to the hotel, hoping Moevenpick will serve lechon or even lechon paksiw for its themed dinner buffet. Unfortunately, still no lechon in sight. The following night, though, they offered lechon paksiw but still no liver sauce on it. I guess, that's how they really prepare it. =(

On the way to the airport, I was still hoping I could see a restaurant that serves lechon. Unfortunately, still none.

It was still early for boarding time so I decided to move around and find coffee. And there it was, a small kiosk selling ready-to-eat and frozen lechon. I immediately purchased 1 kilo and handed my Php500. I forgot how much it was since my periphery caught sight of a familiar face. It was Anthony Bourdain's picture! Jackpot! Zubuchon's lechon known as "The Best Pig Ever"!

As I wait for boarding time and without minding other passengers around me, I ate the lechon with my bare hands. Alas! Satisfaction...

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