Friday, December 23, 2011

Somnium: December 23, 2011

photo from Bear Medicine Walker

It was quarter to four in the morning when I was awakened by a strange dream. As I try to recall the details of which, it dawned on me... It was my brain's way of creatively putting together small details in my encounters I've had for the past few days into a mystical story.

The dream began in what appeared to be our previous house while I was still in high school. There were a lot of people in my room who were most likely my high school friends (I couldn't see people's faces very well). It became chaotic when their present boyfriends arrived.

As they try to enter my room, I was panicking... trying to find for my cherry red bra... only to find out it was hanging by the door knob.

photo from 123RF
***Interpreting which... my only close-knit group of friends were my high school friends and I'm really looking forward to see them before the year ends. As for the bra, I do own one of a similar color which I have worn just recently. Perhaps it was a reminder for me to wear a usual bra since I've been wearing bandeau for the past couple of weeks. Hehe...

After a while, the scene shifted into a cozy al fresco cafe when a man ("messenger") suddenly approached me. He started blabbing about my childhood days particularly back in grade school. He asked whether I recall someone I've been close to in grade 2. I couldn't recall anyone but a boy who I considered as my closest friend, JC. JC's face is a blur to me but back then I remember him saying goodbye to me as he placed a necklace around my neck, kissed me on my cheek and murmured, "I'm going to Canada".

That event happened while I was in prep but not in grade 2. Confused, the messenger interrupted my thoughts and said, "It's him and he has been looking at you right across the cafe... inside the car". I followed his finger as he pointed at a green Pajero. I couldn't see the guy since the windows were heavily tinted. As I was about to stand up, the SVU immediately left and the "messenger" asked me if I knew JC's full name. I said no and he said that JC prefers to remain unknown as he is somehow connected to a politician named Benjamin Derelik Norkles Abalos.

Benjamin Abalos
***For one, I couldn't recall that much definite occasions where JC and I had really been together nor talked except for that one instance when he tugged me behind a portable blackboard and gave me the necklace and said goodbye. To date, I couldn't reconcile what that was all about as I was only six years old during that time. I wonder where he is... The politician's name rings a bell but I'm not sure of the second name Derelik and the middle name Norkles. I tried to search for its meanings and to my surprise... Benjamin Abalos is indeed a politician and my place of residence happens to be governed by his son, Mayor Benjamin Abalos, Jr. I couldn't find an exact word for Derelik but the closest I've got was the word derelict. And same goes for Norkles... I couldn't find anything but this result excerpt from Google

Urban Dictionary: norkle
When a black person describes the act of wearing goggles and a snorkel to go swimming.
Benjamin "Benhur" Abalos, Jr.
Funny isn't it?! Perhaps I was just so annoyed by the buzz that Mayor Benhur is creating during the holidays. There's too much traffic and chaos around Maysilo Circle due to the makeshift bazaars, rides and occasional concerts and events. Moving on...

The "messenger" told me whether I could meet JC somewhere else. Curious, I said yes and he handed me a piece of paper. The scene shifted again into a place I have never been. It was like a maze or a game arena filled with finely built architecture and landscape. The structures were mostly zen-like and the place was filled with white cherry blossom trees.

***Now that looks familiar... see for yourself.

I must admit the wedding set of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 looks great but the film still sucks...
 The place was equally pleasant but at the same time creepy. When I tried to ask for some directions from a lady standing by a tree, she suddenly turned into a zombie!

photo from My Road to Womanhood
***So much for watching The Walking Dead for the past 2 weeks...

I ran as fast as I could when suddenly I felt I was slowing down as my feet submerge into the soil. The feeling was like stepping into a huge chocolate marshmallow or fudge brownie. Then there were several tricycles swooping around but they were running  backwards.

***I couldn't find any connection with the tricycles but I've been binging on chocolate fudge brownies and crinkles which my housemate baked a few days ago.

Bewildered, I ran across a small white house with its lovely porch filled with white flowers. They were dropping from the rooftop like snow. As they drop, I've noticed the petals were moving which appeared to be forming a line.... apparently being carried by ants. But there was one petal with a huge black caterpillar on it... about to transform into a butterfly or moth.

***Hey! That caterpillar actually reminded me of an annoying controversy blabbed about by an irate Chic-Boybulate". It's just as equally annoying to see the media overly publicize such a shallow story. More than anything, I just feel bad for the students and alumni of UP as the so-called irate customer was identified as a writer and a graduate of UP. See article here. What was her point of sharing her story in Facebook? I wonder whether she was just venting and making an entertaining story out of it... when she could have plainly told her story to warn the public... Questionable intent, eh? Also, she named the caterpillar "bulate" when you can easily translate it as "higad". She's stupid enough to entitle her story with the word "scandal"... labeling it maliciously. No wonder if Chic-Boy will sue her for libel. Back to the dream...

As I entered the room, I was welcomed by my friend's husband then all of a sudden he froze. Then I woke up with eyes wide open.

***It was the first time I've seen my friend's husband in my dream. Probably because both of them are going through a tough time right now. Really hoping they would kiss and make-up especially this time of the season.

That's all folks! Happy Holidays!

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